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How to remove the detecting fingers of multi finger caliper (MFC)?
- Nov 22, 2018 -

1) Remove the upper guard cap;

2) Power on the detecting fingers to the maximum;

3) Loos the fastening screw of the core rod protector and remove the two protective tiles;

4) Compress the push rod spring with a special tool to move the push rod back and take out the detecting fingers (outer layer);

5) When the inner detecting fingers or the push rod needs to be replaced, the two outer push rods adjacent to it should be removed first;

6) When removing the push rod, first unscrew the core rod from the push rod, and then take out the push rod;

7) Install the detecting fingers or the push rod similar to the above steps.

During removing the detecting fingers, users should refer to the structure of the instrument and indicate the main connection diagram and dimension drawing.

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