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The oil field application of smart oil production system
- Sep 18, 2018 -

With almost thirty years’ research and development experience of oil production increasing, Sitan’s smart oil production system uses latest CDC system is that production test and nozzle switch integration, can work in vertical well and horizontal well to get water content, flow rate, temperature and two pressures (tubing & annulus) from liquid. 

Every CDS unit will be worked by independent, they are connected by short tubing and packer each other, Three kinds of communication for your choice, getting data and controlling nozzle by wire cable, wireless, also get data from down hole memory (need to assist of work over equipment); Supply information to decision support system(DSS) and decision maker of oil field. 


SITAN smart oil production system

Well site installation of smart oil production system.jpg

Wellsite installation

Well site installation of smart oil production system 2.jpg

2 Meters long, suit for most of oil layers, thin oil layer, and autonomous working each other