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Tips for smart water injection system construction
- Nov 07, 2018 -

1. On the basis that the current meets 28 mA of a single instrument, the controller voltage should not exceed the upper limit of the setting to avoid damage to the downhole instrument. For details, refer to Appendix 1;

2. Before the well is laid down, the layer number of each water distributor must be set separately on the ground (the layer number is unique), and then the cable is adjusted. The instrument number of each water distributor can be correct. Read out and make sure that each water dispenser nozzle is fully closed before it can go down.

3. It is forbidden to modify the water distribution layer layer number and instrument number after the instrument goes down;

4. Every next level of tool (packer or water distributor) when going down the well must be powered on. First, observe whether the display current is normal. After normal, read the layer number and instrument number of the water distributor. After the test is normal, continue. Down the job.

5. Bumping should be avoided during the downhole process to prevent the cable from being crushed and damaged. The downhole speed should not be less than 1.5 minutes per pipe.

6. When the water distribution cable head is used to fill the grease and connect the cable, pay attention to the protection of the grease plug and prevent it from being lost. At the same time, after installing the cable head, check whether the grease plug is already in the water filler plug. Install to prevent leakage.

7. When installing the Swagelok connector, check that the Swagelok card kit is intact. If it is damaged or the roundness is insufficient, the card kit must be replaced in time.

8. When the steel pipe cable is stripped of the transparent insulation layer of the copper core wire, pay attention to the protection of the copper core, prevent the wire stripper from causing damage to it, and break when plugging.

9. When the steel pipe cable is bent at a significant angle, the cable must be cut or the cable connector must be used.

10. For the 4mm Swagelok nut to be tightened, use a torque wrench between 30Nm and 35Nm.

11. According to the latest process of assembling the steel pipe cable head and the packer cable head, the NPT thread of the Swagelok head is not tightened and is in a tight state. In this case, the stripping length of the steel pipe cable was further confirmed.