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What is smart water injection technology?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

   Water injection is one of the important measures to stabilize production and increase production in oil fields, and its position in oilfield development is becoming more and more important. With the further development of oilfield development, the problem of interlayer interference caused by layer subdivision has become increasingly prominent. Therefore, how to use smart water injection system to accurately achieve the fine water injection of each layer has become the focus of oilfield development.

   When using the conventional water injection method, the traditional fishing nozzle method or the flow measuring and adjusting instrument is used to sequentially deploy the water injection amount for each layer, due to the interlayer interference problem, it takes a long time to repeatedly deploy to achieve the desired goal, and the deployment efficiency is relatively low. If the inter-layer interference is serious, the injection task may not be completed. Therefore, using the appropriate water injection method is a big problem of layered water injection problem.

   To this end, our company has designed smart water injection system, which can achieve real-time monitoring and regulation 24 hours a day, and measure the flow, water injection pressure, formation pressure, temperature and other parameters of each layer in the well, and automatically control the flow through the flow measurement and control algorithm adjusts the opening degree of the integrated water nozzle in smart distribution of each layer in real time to achieve the purpose of fine water injection control. The system is mainly composed of a remote data acquisition control system, power supply cables, a surface controller, smart distributors, and packers. The surface controller sends instructions to the downhole smart distributor through the cable, and the smart distributors of each layer return to the logging data or make adjustments according to the instructions. The remote controller collects on-site surface controller logging data in real time through wireline or wireless communication technologies such as GPRS or MODBUS RTU, and remotely regulates the amount of water injection in each horizon of each injection well.

   In addition, the smart distributor is designed with a sealing section. By closing the integrated water nozzle in the distributor, the packer can be sealed without using a special seal inspection instrument. At the same time, the system also has the functions of remote sleep and wake-up of smart distributor, data abnormal alarm and so on.


   Compared with the previous water injection method, this smart water injection system greatly reduces the workload, reduces the manpower and material resources, improves the water injection pass rate, and realizes the digitization and automatic network control of the oil field.