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What is the function of gyro inclinometer?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

   Oilfield operations are complex and the operating environment may have a certain impact on smooth operations. How to eliminate the inconvenience caused by these environments and conditions? Then the use of relevant advanced instruments must such as gyro inclinometer be a good way to make up for the lack of labor.


   The re-measurement of the old wellbore trajectory and the orientation of the slanting gyro on the side of the window, how to accomplish these tasks? The gyro inclinometer can play a big role. Sitan consecutive inclinometer, fiber optic point measurement gyro, are with two years of stable and successful application experience for orientation of the downhole sitting to ensure the smooth completion of the operation.

   In addition to the orientation of the slanting gyro, the gyro inclinometer can also measure the directional parameters such as the inclination angle, the azimuth angle and the tool surface angle, which can lay a solid foundation for the operation of window sidetracking and wellbore trajectory orientation. Sitan gyro inclinometer is of high accuracy and has high impact resistance. It is very suitable for underground environment operation and solves the problem of directional parameter measurement. It is an important instrument tool in oil field operation field.