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What's automatic liquid level tester ?
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The dynamic liquid level parameters of oil wells are the basic data for the analysis, diagnosis and maintenance of oil wells, and are also the important basis for adjusting the working parameters of pumping units.

The traditional dynamic liquid level tester needs the tester to operate the instrument on the spot to complete the dynamic liquid level test of oil and gas wells. This kind of test method needs to consume manpower, material resources and time.

The automatic liquid level tester can realize real-time continuous testing of the dynamic liquid level of oil and gas wells without manual intervention. The test data can be sent by wireless or stored in the instrument for users to transfer, analyze and process at regular intervals.

Automatic liquid level tester

The automatic liquid level tester uses echo method to test the dynamic liquid level.

Compressed air, nitrogen or casing gas with certain pressure are used as sound source to generate sound wave. During the downward propagation of sound wave in annulus space of tubing and casing, the reflection wave of a certain frequency will be produced when the tubing coupling and oil-gas interface are encountered. The reflected wave is received by the microphone of the wellhead connector, converted into electrical signal and transmitted to the filter circuit board. Then the test data are filtered and shaped by the filter circuit board. Finally, the test data are transmitted to the monitoring room and the test curve is drawn to calculate the liquid level depth.

Automatic liquid level tester-2