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What should prepare for smart water injection system construction?
- Nov 30, 2018 -

   On-site construction of cable intelligent water distributor of smart water injection system includes ground debugging and joint adjustment of water distributor, on-site installation of water distributor and commissioning of well and underground, installation and protection of cable head, installation of turn-around or buckle, etc. during construction The main protection is the cable part and the cable-related components. In the following wells, the company's construction personnel must follow up.

   The ground control system is mainly the position of the control cabinet, the connection of the external power supply, and the protection of the cable between the wellhead and the control cabinet.

   The PC host computer is mainly the installation and use of the host computer program, the call of the instrument scale file, the reading and writing of the controller parameters and instrument parameters, and the handling of common problems.

   The remote control system is mainly the installation and debugging of the remote RTU, the use requirements of the remote system, and so on.

   Other accessories include the installation and use of packers, the installation of check valves for bottom plug screens, the use of connectors, the use of hydraulic anchors, the use of tubing guards, the use of wellhead seals, the installation of wellhead tees, etc. .

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