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8 Set Smart Digital Oilfield Systems Were Delivered To US
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Last month, 8 set Smart digital oilfield systems were delivered to US oilfield from SITAN company. This is the second major purchase since last year's complete system purchase order and successful on site experiment at oil field.

Digital oilfield systems.jpg

Smart digital oilfield systems composition

1. Surface Controller

2. Fluid Level Detector

3. Pumping Unit Load & Displacement Detector

4. Gas Meter

5. Tank Battery Gage

Digital oilfield systems-2.jpg.png

Smart digital oilfield system provide real time monitoring and remote control solutions for oil fields. The system is connected to remote client through 4G signal. The user can monitor tank battery oil/water level, gas flow, displacement & load of pumping unit, casing pressure and downhole fluid level position in real time. Meanwhile the pumping unit can be remote controlled to start and stop.