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Dumplings & Friendship Birthday Party In February
- Mar 07, 2019 -

   Sitan held the "Dumplings & friendship" birthday party for the employees who were born in February. Looking forward to the growth of all employees in 2019 and the company's performance to go further!

   The theme of the birthday party is to reunion our family and make a happy and meaningful birthday party. We do dumplings, a traditional and fun event.

   We have three games, speed competition, trick competition and big stomach king fight.

   The first round (winning of the flag): all the 4 groups participated in the specified time (30 minutes). We will see the number of dumplings, the quality of dumplings (no filling, dents were not counted) and to find the best group.

   The second round (step by step to win) creative competition: each group puts a creative shape with dumplings, the number of dumplings is not limited, limited time 10 minutes, time to arrive, stop placing, win a set of small gift rewards.

   The third round (race against time) eating dumplings competition is participated by one member recommended by each team. The top three people who eat the most dumplings within a limited time will get the name of “Big Stomach King”.

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