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- Jul 05, 2018 -

   PERTAMINA hosted a drilling workshop every two years and invited major oil service providers to participate in the exchange meeting. It also showed drilling and well repair plans in 2018 and discussed with the major oil service providers about the latest drilling and well technologies.

   SITAN was invited by Party A PERTAMINA to participate in this meeting, and focused on promoting the advanced technologies such as digital oilfield technology, Intelligent oil production increasing technology, Intelligent natural gas production increased technology and so on.

   It not only vigorously promoted the company's flagship products, open-hole logging tools and cased hole logging tools , intelligent production equipment, etc., but also introduced some of our domestic partners for their technological measures of the old wells, and including waste abandonment and other processes. It was deeply concerned by the oilfield's Party A and made a good preparation for the later promotion and cooperation.

   The Indonesian national oil company includes oil wells, gas wells, geothermal wells and other resources. The oil fields involve different islands and shallow and deep sea areas with different complex geologic energy structures, which will give SITAN the direction of R&D in different fields and market opportunities.