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SITAN held 2018 Annual Work Summary And Excellent Staff Commendation Conference
- Feb 27, 2019 -

Xi'an Sitan Instrument Co., Ltd. 2018 Annual Work Summary and Excellent Staff Commendation Conference was held on February 1, 2019. A total of more than 450 employees from the company have participated in the conference. Mr. Yang Bo, the chairman of the company, and Mr. He Xiaodeng from the group company, the Haimo technology attended the conference.

 The first item of the conference is the deputy general managers of the company to report on the work of 2018, including the deputy general manager, technical director, deputy chief engineer, production vice president and other leaders on the daily management, technology, production, finance and other department of the company.

  The second item of the conference was statement made by Mr. Yang Bo. In his speech, Mr. Yang summarized the overall development of the company in 2018, criticized and praised the inadequacies and highlights of different departments, and looked forward to the development of the company in 2019. Encourage all colleagues in the company to work harder in 2019 and fully achieve the target performance.

  The third item of the conference is to commend the outstanding employees in the 2018 annual assessment, and the leaders of all levels of the company awarded the outstanding employees. The outstanding employees come from various departments of the company, and are engaged in various types of work, including production, sales, sales support, technical support, and finance, etc. They have quietly contributed to the good development of the company in different positions and made outstanding achievements. It is precisely because there are countless thinkers like them who use their diligence and professionalism to create a strong today for Sitan, and also lay a solid foundation for a beautiful tomorrow for Sitan.

  Finally, Mr. He Xiaodeng made a speech and made a toast. In the speech, he affirmed and praised all the staff of Sitan in 2018 and encouraged us to achieve more brilliant achievements in 2019. With the encouragement, all the staff of Sitan are passionate, full of hope for 2019, and determined to create more brilliant achievements in the new year.

2018 Annual Work Summary