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Sitan Held The Employee Birthday Meeting (January)
- Jan 30, 2019 -

   On January 22, 2019, the warm sun sprinkled through the bright window into the company canteen, which is full of warm and sweet atmosphere. Here, Sitan is holding a collective birthday party for employees whose birthday is in January.

 SITAN company birthday party-4

   25 employees of different ages gathered at the birthday party. They came from different departments of Sitan, including the production line, research and development, sales support department, planning purchases department, but their faces are all filled with the same happy smile. They are part of the company, they are cared for and valued by the company, and they could feel the taste of "home"

SITAN company birthday party-3

   The event was highly valued by Mr. Yang Bo, the chairman of Sitan. Not only did he give strong support to the Administration department, but he also sent birthday greetings and gifts to all the birthday stars.