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Sitan Logging Instrument Were Delivered To The Soutth-east Asia Customer
- Sep 18, 2018 -

In August 2018, our Indonesia customers have received our cased hole logging tools.

The sales equipment mainly include 

SCL-200 logging surface system, 

24 arms Mult finger caliper(MFC)

6 Sectors radial bond tool(RBT)

High temperature memory production logging tools

Conventional production logging tools including quartz crystal pressure gauge, tuning fork density, fluid capacitance-water hold-up tool, in-line spinner flowmeter, production logging: CCL/Temperature/GR etc. 

The engineer of our company started the field testing and debugging of all the instruments from the 13th of this month. After the check and test is finish, our engineers will train and show the tools operation for customers on-site. The main content of the training includes instrument measuring principle, instrument routine maintenance and instrument field operation. After all the instruments have been debugging finished, the customer will well logging in field to test our tools. Let's be fully prepared and expect applause from our customers.

Laboratory testing of Sitan cased hole logging tools.jpg

Laboratory testing

Technical training in Sitan South-east Asia office.jpg

Customers learn the calibration operation