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SITAN PLT Logging Tools In Middle East Oilfield
- Jan 08, 2019 -

In July 2018, the PLT eight-parameter instrument of Sitan Company start logging operation in an oilfield in Middle east, and carried out dynamic monitoring of two production wells. The instrument combination in down holes, and the high-speed telemetry section was used to transmit the signal of the down hole tools. GR Temperature CLL, pressure, water hold up, tuning fork density, in-line flowmeter, full bore flowmeter, and  the density tool uses the principle of sonic waves to avoid radioactive environmental pollution.

SITAN PLT Logging Tools in Middle East Oilfield

SITAN PLT Logging Tools in Middle East Oilfield

The construction uses continuous measurement and point measurement, and the measurement results are accurate and reliable. The logging is efficient, the success rate is high, the measurement is accurate, and the water seeking for the production well has achieved good application effect, and can assist the analysis of the reservoir condition of the adjacent well, and can also analyze the problems of the cased hole well in the production.

SITAN PLT Logging Tools in Middle East Oilfield-2

SITAN PLT Logging Tools in Middle East Oilfield

Logging data using Kappa's E-meraude production logging interpretation software,it can reduce the inter-layer transfer error of other interpretation software, and improve the interpretation accuracy according to different flow regimes.Client is very satisfied with the measurement results. It has great value to reservoir monitoring.