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Technical Training Of Production Logging Tool At Middle East Oilfield
- Dec 11, 2018 -

SITAN MP43-PLT 8 parameters production logging tool (PLT) is mainly used for injection and output profile logging of oilfield production wells. It consists of telemetry short section, gamma ray/temperature/casing collar locator short section, quartz crystal pressure gauge short section, tuning fork density short section, water hold-up short section, online flowmeter, full borehole flowmeter, centralizer.

Last week, our engineers came to the user's company, an Oilfield Logging Service Company in Middle East to conduct a three-day complete and detailed technical training for our production logging tool.

After user's engineers mastered the structure and working principle of the instrument and learned about the surface logging system, our engineers explained the various functional modules of the PC software one by one and on-site teaching, including the retrieval of service tables, signal settings, curve settings, Instrument calibration, communication test, logging operation, data processing, results report printing, etc.

After three days of training, user's engineers finally independently completed the instrument mating, calibration and testing on the ground. This customer has affirmed our company's PLT instrument and provided valuable advice on the optimization of the logging software operation logic.

Sitan Engineers provide PLT technical training in Middle east

Sitan Engineers provide PLT technical training in Middle east