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Two Set Smart Water Injection System Were Shipped To Oilfield
- Oct 16, 2018 -

   On September 14, two sets of concentric dual tube injection system, a type of smart water injection system, were successfully shipped in the company. This project is an important step for our company's business to enter the Kazakhstan market and was officially launched in December 2017. Through the multi-technical exchange meeting with customer, the equipment use requirements were initially determined, and in the later communication coordination work, the design and development team of  Sitan made appropriate improvements to meet the operation requirements of the oil field.

smart water injection system

   The Concentric Dual-Tube Injection System is designed and developed by Sitan with the concept of production increasing by smart water injection system, and is mainly used for water injection in two-layer water wells.

   It is one of the important measures for stable production and production increase of oil fields. The system can display, monitor and store the instantaneous flow and accumulated flow of each layered water injection pipeline in real time on the ground, so as to improve the accuracy of water injection and the efficiency of dispensing; through the supporting solar energy system, long-term uninterrupted operation in the unpowered area in the field can be realized. It is a popular type of smart water injection system.

Smart Water Injection Systems