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Wireline Water Distributor Of Smart Water Injection System Training
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Sitan downhole process department conducted the training for technical engineers and sales persons to learn the knowledge about wireline smart water distributor, which is used for smart water injection system on oilfield for oil production increasing.

This training includes three main sections:

    1. The upper computer operation, mainly includes the parameters setting, calibration operation, downhole operation process, remote monitoring process, etc.

    2. The ground data acquisition system operation, mainly includes communication testing, trouble shooting etc.

    3. The site operation, mainly includes:

        3.1 The basic equipment for the wireline water distributor working onsite;

        3.2 The preparation work before the water distributor going downhole;

        3.3 The operation process on well head;

        3.4 The cable head assembly;

        3.5 The cautions for plastic sheathed cable installation;

        3.6 The downhole speed and the time interval of water distributor testing;

        3.7 The cautions for wellhead sealing installation;

        3.8 The cautions for ground controller assembly.

Wireline water distributor of smart water injection system training-1_副本

The training introduced the operation for water distributor used in smart water injection system comprehensively, which is helpful for our technical engineer providing accurate, efficient and fast after-sales services onsite.

In addition to the smart water injection system, Sitan also provide other technical solutions for enhanced oil/gas recovery such as smart oil production systems, smart digital oilfield systems, production optimization for oil and gas, etc.